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Hello 2023

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

A new year like no other. We are officially back to "normal" after 2+ years of being restricted in different ways due to COVID. I have to say I am looking forward to this year. My family had a particularly hard 2022 and although millions of others out there have said the same thing, this is going to be a better year.

Most of you know we , the boys and I had a blog years ago. Things have changed so much. After thinking about it and a little push from the boys, we decided to get it up and running again. Life has finally settled to a place that I have some time although not much to get back into it.

This year you will not hear much about teenagers and Highschool, it will be more of parenting a toddler and toys as we welcomed Kingston to our family as the 4th brother in 2020. He is a pandemic baby and is not like any of the other boys were from birth. He is my most challenging baby, a dragon if you will, and has kept me on my toes and feeling like a first time mom.

We love travel and food so those are always topics. The boys will still do restaurant reviews and the most fun of all, we will still document our Family Vacations. Not all the boys will be on every adventure but they will do their best.

This year we hope to purchase our forever home and do a

lot of shopping online. Product reviews and suggestions are a hot topic in our home. We will share our favorites with you and hope you do the same back.

Since having Kingston and cancer health has taken a big role in our lives and I am forever working on finding the

best way to fit activity and healthy living into my very busy schedule. I still run my billing and coding business and work every day from my home office on that but my goal this year is to really focus on my health and get to a point where a healthy living routine is second nature.

Here is to a great 2023

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