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Monthly Fave Amazon Purchases

Check back each month as I update my favorite Amazon purchases and leave reviews. Just click the product image or title to purchase or find out more.  Want me to try something you love on Amazon? Just leave a comment for me!

April 2023

Here are my top 4 fave Amazon products for the month of April. We did some traveling and home beautification so check it out. 

March 2023

This month it was all about health and staying home.

Tea Tree_edited.jpg


I absolutely love this oil. I add it to my conditioner when I shower, I put a few drops in my diffuser, and add it into a foot soak. It is organic and theraputic grade so it always has to be diluted somehow.You can add it to any skincare or haircare routine. Its amazing!


II wanted to add a good Multivitamin to my morning routine and I heard so much about this one so I thought I would give it a try. If you have ever been on the fence about trying this, get it!  This liquid vitamin is a game changer. My energy is up, I take it straight and it doesn't taste bad but you can add it to your smoothie or juice. They have different ones but this basic one the whole family can take even those toddlers. The dosage is on the bottle. 



I love this product for not only me but for Kingston. I have extremely long, thick, curly hair and always need a detangler. This is my go to. I started using on Kingston when we have wash day for his hair and it's so easy to brush considering he is squirming around the whole time. 


This one has a $4 coupon right now!  I find these look like the glass expensive ones but are kid friendly. I have organized my entire pantry with them. I love the chalkboard labels you can write on, pen included and the fact that they are airtight. This one comes with multiple sizes so its perfect to start organizing if you haven't already. 

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