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Where to vacation with a toddler

Our blended family needs your help. We go on a family vacation every year. This past year we did Disney World. In other years we have gone to Boston, Key West, and even a cruise to Mexico. Although Disney is enjoyable for all ages it's hard to find somewhere outside of a theme park to go with a family that has brothers ranging in age from 2.5 years to 23 years. No one can agree on anything right now.

I have asked everyone where they would like to go. Cameron said Nashville, Kevin said San Antonio, Jermaine would like to stay close to home and chose Key West, Ashton of course had no choice and will just go where everyone goes, and I wanted to go somewhere we all have not been preferably near the coast. My first choice was New Orleans.

Next everyone can't agree on how to travel. Now we all know traveling with a toddler is not going to be a 100% enjoyable experience. Actually let's face it, it will probably be terrible just traveling with a toddler not to mention how much "stuff" we need to bring for him, car seat, stroller, travel bed, diapers, snacks, toys milk, loveys! I would rather drive and road trip it. We would get to bring everything we need for Kingston without lugging in through an airport. Cameron on the other hand believes being suck in a van for hours with his brothers is the epitome of hell on earth. He even went so far as to say he will meet us there by plane and be there for the adventure not the journey.

Lastly if we can figure out where to go and how to get there we still have the big issue of what we are going to do. The older boys do not want to go to the zoo, children's museum or a fun park. Kingston will not be doing a brewery tour, enjoy seeing historical sites, or walking through a quite "no touching" museum. Let's be honest as a family our main concern when we travel is what and where we are going to eat but we have to mix some sites and fun in there too. So choosing things to do that will satisfy everyone is a challenge.

Now, I need your help. If you have traveled with kiddos 20 years apart (probably not), been somewhere you and your toddler enjoyed or know awesome things to do somewhere you love to visit let us know. We are looking for suggestions, tips, experiences, and knowledge to make a choice for our family vacation. No theme parks please! Leave your comment and vote in our polls this upcoming week on Instagram.

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