Life Overwhelming

Right now everything seems hard. Life in general has ups and downs. It has good days and bad.  I would not consider the past few days anything bad just so much going on and its a bit overwhelming. Not sure if its the end of the school year activities, the impending “I’m bored” I have to hear for the next 2 1/2 months, the pain my bank account will feel with these boys home all summer, Ashton going to summer camp with the scouts, work, bills, trying to maneuver around being single and trying to figure out what my next step is….. so much my head hurts.

I need a day…just one. No kids, no work, just some good friends and relaxation. Maybe the beach or pool day relaxing with a drink in my hand. I would like any help on everyday things I can do to possibly shut my mind down for just an hr a day to recharge and focus.

I am really struggling right now with some things. Should I go back to school? Should I add a second job? Will I be able to work a second job with my custody agreement the way it is? Should I buy a new car or fix the one I have? I’m not happy alone, should I start dating? How do you even start such at thing? My mind never shuts down its crazy.

Guess for now its some lavender candles, a bottle of Moscato and some good music.

2016-06-07 22.16.54