One More Milestone

So I purchased a new to me car!  It’s in my name and my name only.  This was the fiIMG_20160705_220804rst car I purchased by myself and the first time I ever test drove a car. The whole process was stressful and if you know me you know i would rather walk away when I get stressed so I don’t have an anxiety attack. So I had to just remind myself that I had to do this and I would feel so much better when its over.

My sales man that was very persistent in getting me down there was Josias and everyone at Miami Car Credit was so patient and nice to me. I ended up with a Camry and even though I have always loved my Tahoe and could not picture myself driving anything but an SUV I have to say I love the Camry.  I loved it even more that my payment is a little lower than I thought it would be!

So I have had it for over a week and for the first time in years went through the drive through. My Tahoe was so old and beat that the windows did not work and what led to the purchase of the Camry was the fact the A/C broke and well I live in South Florida so I had a choice to either put more money into it or get something else. I am so happy I decided to get a new car.

This is one more milestone in my new life. I know there will be many many more and I am just so happy I get to share them with all of you.


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