An Epic Journey

Ok so most of you also follow me on Insagram so you know I was on a roll going to the gym every day. Working hard looking all sweaty and gross. Then the worst possible thing happened… I got injured.  I was with my trainer doing these jumpy things…I know all the technical fitness lingo I have learned is showing, any way on the 7th out of 15 jumps I felt a pop in my calf and a feeling of blood pouring out of my leg. No no no I was not really bleeding that would be gross. It just felt like that. I am surprised I did not cry cause it was one of the worse pains I have ever felt.

Turns out I tore my calf muscle. I could barely walk and was in so much pain. I had to walk only in heals as it shortened my muscle and made it bearable to get to my car. And that is the way it was for a week. My trainer was so nice and checked in on me regularly.  I had to keep it up and apply ice.  My trainer, Corey, at one point asked if it had turned colors and I was like, no! 4 days later yup every color of the rainbow, well almost. I had and still have a bruise that goes from the back of my knee down past my ankle.

Swollen and bruised
Swollen and bruised

Yesterday I was finally able to wear flats and walk almost without a limp.  I went to the gym yesterday for a training session. Did some abs and upper body. I did do some walking on the treadmill but only for like 10 min as I didn’t want to over do it.  But I am working my way back to my daily workouts so look for my gym selfies daily on Instagram!

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