My “WHY”

Married at 18 and 3 babies by 22. Life had been a whirlwind of diapers, cooking, cleaning, school, activities and sports. My priority was and always has been my boys. I committed most of my adult life to date taking care of them. I was a stay at home mom 90% of that time. I loved every moment even though being a young family of 5 with one income wasn’t always easy. As years went by I never missed an experience with my boys. We moved to Florida and I started working full time as all the boys went to public school.

With 3 busy boys in school , sports, and other activities working full time had been a challenge. I missed practices games, reading nights, picking my boys up from school, and even cooking and eating dinner as a family. I started missing so much so we could be a 2 income family and provide even more for the boys that needed more and more as they got older.

After the divorce it got 10 times harder especially with the job I had. Now as I work my own business and have the support of Jermaine I get to put all that hard work into my business and be at all the special moments for the kids.This is a big year or everyone and I don’t want to miss anything. Kevin is in his senior year and will have a ton of events to attend, Cameron is at a new school with a new football team with daily practices and weekly games. Ashton is starting high school and has a new principal along with working toward his Eagle rank at scouts, and Jermaine, working 12 hour days 5 days a week and training kids whenever he gets the opportunity.

These 4 men in my life are my “why”. They are the reason I work so hard for whats best for my family. I got sick of missing moments with my kids, I was tired of being out of the loop in my children’s life. I had to make a move but I was scared. Luckily the universe made it for me. I am putting my all into my “why” and I am starting to see it paying off. I got my first pay check working my business and as long as I keep focused on what is important I am sure there will be more to come.

Technically Challenged

Well I set up the computer in the kitchen. Got the video app opened and pressed what I thought was the record button, but it was the stop recording button. So the whole cooking video i thought I made the other night was nothing but me prepping the ingredients and cleaning up after.


Looks like I will have to wait for my tech team aka Kevin Didion to teach me more about this since it was his idea. I will try again. It was good though. I thought I did a good job but no one was there to see it.

But if your wondering it tasted great! We will try again next week, not sure what we will make but I’m not giving up on this.




Results….so scared

So most of you know I started a weigh loss journey and due well life I was finding it difficult. Since refocusing I have been doing great and it helps that I now have all the tools on hand for every situation since starting my ItWorks business. Yes, I got hooked on those crazy wrap things lol.  I have been dong good with working out and staying active, drinking a ton of water and just watching what I eat and when I splurge like on movie night with the boys when we had pizza I have my fat fighters to keep me on track.

So I have been taking before and after pics or a while now and have been so scared to show my results to the world. I guess because I didn’t think they were dramatic enough. I have since realized that this is a journey and wont happen over night. As long as I keep seeing results no matter how small or results that can’t be seen but felt like more energy, more stamina during workouts,  or less cravings I will continue on my journey.

So I did the ItWorks Cleanse and lost 5 lbs. Its a 4oz drink you take twice a day for 2 days and reboots your system clearing out the toxins. This is my second time doing the cleanse and both times I lost weight and felt better. I am going to share with you my results from my first cleanse. I did this a few months ago. I hope you can see the results even though it was just a few pounds. Comments are welcome!

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Boys Reviews

New round of reviews are up from the Boys. You all now that is always interesting. Just click the link to the left that says Boys Reviews. Guest reviews by Jermaine 🙂 Next round of reviews will be Tuesday 8/15/17. This week look for the results of my ItWorks! Cleanse, Cooking Episode #1 video, and my Journey update! Thank you all for your support and if you dont want to miss anything make sure you subscribe by clicking the link on the left!

OMG Summer is almost over

With just a few short weeks before school starts again I look back on this summer and …. ugh. It was a roller coaster of emotions, stress, laughter and bonding.

First is facing the reality that now we have three high school boys. One Senior,Kevin, one Sophomore, Cameron and my baby Ashton a freshman! In case you all didn’t know, although the boys are close in age they do not go to the same school and have not since middle school. Yes its crazy with different drop off and pick up times and different days off but they each go to a school that fits their needs and interests.

Kevin loves public school which is funny as he didn’t when we lived up north. He loved his private school up north. He chose public school because he wanted to participate in the JROTC program and it was only at the local public school. His passions are military and engineering. He chose a public middle school that was a magnet school of science and had Army JROTC. This ended up being a perfect fit. Kevin likes to fly under the radar and public schools here are big with a lot of kids. He can be low key and get the classes he wants in public school.

Cameron started at a Charter middle school/ high school. Smaller classes helped him keep on track. Cameron is very smart and gets bored and looses interest. They kept him in line and they had a sports program that had middle school football so he could play for his school instead of the city. At the time this was a good fit and he attended charter school from 6th through 9th grade. This year Cameron is making the leap to a private prep school. They offer the same smaller classes with more emphasis on his grades and college prep plus they have a beautiful campus and stellar football program. The most stressful part was he just decided 2 weeks ago to go to the prep school. We had applied to four private schools and he got in to all four. It was decision time and he chose the prep school. Going almost the entire summer not knowing where Cameron would go to school was beyond stressful.

Now Ashton goes to a private school near and dear to us. I wish I had put him in it sooner. He has been there since middle school and loves it.  Its a school for children that have high functioning special needs and with Ashton being autistic this was the perfect school for him. Ashton gets to be himself with none of the judgement he was getting in public school. They also have all the services he needs during the day. He has grown socially over the past few years even so much as to be going out for ice cream with his friends and meeting them at the park to hang out. his school loves him and it shows.

With all these schools they have payments as Cameron and Ashton go to private schools that are far from cheap. I used to think when my boys were in private school in Gloucester it was expensive but now…. wow. I had no idea the right education that fits each kids needs could cost so much. Besides the cost all the schools have different schedules. They all start at different times, get out at different times, have different days off, different spring breaks everything. We use a google calendar that is shared by Roy, Kim, Jermaine, my mother, all the kids and myself so we can coordinate the kids schedules not only for school but their extracurricular doctors appointments, everything. This is important as the boys schools are all in different cities and none have buses that we can utilize due to timing, location and cost. It literally takes more than one person on a daily basis to drop them off at school.

They say it takes a village and boy does it. My kids are blessed that they have their own little village working to meet their needs every day. With only a few weeks left of summer we are gearing up to start the craziness all over again. When the boys start school I will post up a new first day pic. Wish us luck!

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Ugh…Trying to find my boxes of wraps and sadly I still have unpacked boxes from moving. I will for sure find them this week and wrap. I am so excited to share my results as they are giving free defining gel with every box of wraps!  I have to find these wraps!!!

Cleanse Day 2

Day 2 went well. It actually helps the cravings from not having more than one cup of coffee in the morning. I felt more energy. I did drink a ton of water, eat a good lunch and dinner and one bottle of greens. The greens really help me today at that 2pm slump at work. It gave me the energy I needed to get through the day.

Tonight I am wrapping as today I just drank all the water and greens. I do still take my HSN every day.  I can see my hair looking healthier and stronger. My goal is 3 more inches so we will see.

I was down about 4lbs after day 2 of the cleanse. I will continue to eat healthy as usual and drink my water. Its recommended to wrap every 3 days so thats the plan.  OhOh and the defining gel……I love this product, my personal favorite. It can do anything. Helps sunburn, reduce stretchmarks, brighten tattoos, everything!

Next update will include my wrap results! Cant wait.



The Journey

So I started my ItWorks! journey today with the cleanse. Its a 4 little 4oz bottles. You drink 2 per day for 2 days. I have seen some good results and wanted to jump start into this so I figured it was my best bet for the results I’m looking for.

You need to drink it before any food in the morning. I did, yes before my beloved coffee. Speaking of coffee your not supposed to have it during the cleanse but I’m addicted. I did only drink my small coffee I made at home, no Starbucks today for this girlie.

It tasted like a very sweet lemon lime drink. Not bad at all just not something you can drink all day but then again you don’t have to. I had it cold out the fridge. I had read its best that way.

I ate regularly during the day, I do not have bad eating habits so I chose not to change anything. I did drink a lot of water. The recommended is 8 glasses a day and I did that no problem as I do every day. I think maybe I drank water more quickly in the morning knowing I had the small coffee at home and didn’t want to ruin the results of my cleanse.

Tomorrow is cleanse day 2 and I will also be adding greens in the afternoon at work and wrapping tomorrow night! I cant wait for the results and to share the experience with you all. My journey has begun. Dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss a day of the journey.

PS – I did weigh myself and will let you know the results after each phase of the journey.




Last First Holiday

So Jermaine and I just celebrated our last first holiday. We have officially been through every major holiday and birthday as a couple. Our one year together will be on July 21st. Due to our work schedules I think we will be celebrating with a date night.

Going through this past year with our newly formed family it has been hard but exciting. Learning how each other celebrates holidays, birthdays, accomplishments. Of course you know we went on our first family vacation and it was amazing.  It is nice to incorporated some new traditions into the traditions that the boys and I were trying to create since the divorce. It couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time as we were not set in our ways yet.

I think the biggest thing I have learned this year is patience. I learned that not everything will happen on my time especially when it comes to the boys. Jermaine has taught me to relax and let the powers that be handle it and everything will happen at the right time and it has. When looking for a new place we were looking for months, I was looking before my lease was up at my first apartment. I was so disappointed and wanted to give up as we were not having good luck then we found a place that is perfect for us at this point in our life.

I remember the first time Jermaine said he loved me.. .yes he said it first. He was leaving my house and it came out of his mouth. I didn’t respond and thought we would just let it go unmentioned but no, he brought it up the next time we talked. I thought it was too soon but felt the same way. We also waited for him to meet the kids till we were all ready for that step. We let the kids take the lead on how often Jermaine came over or what he did with us. Of course he wanted to be there all the time and involved in everything but we had to be patient and let the kids map that course.

Whether it be with my job, his job, the kids, our families, the house, co parenting, anything Jermaine has been my rock when it comes to me freaking out due to things not going as I have them planned in my head. And I have learned and I am still learning that as long as everything is progressing and moving forward then the pace does not matter.

Now its time to set our traditions as we work our way through another year of holidays and new events like Kevin graduating this year, Ashton starting high school, and Cameron getting his licence. All I know is no matter what my rock will be by my side to make sure everything goes smoothly.



Last Day in MA

Our last day was perfect. My aunt and uncle held a cookout at their home for us. My Uncle Kevin came down form NH and my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dick came over. There was so much food we wished we could stay all day to enjoy it more.

Traveling back to the airport to turn in the rental was a headache. Dollar was so unorganized. By the time we got to the airport we only had a few minutes to check out luggage, print our boarding passes and get through security. Luckily at Logan the security line for Spirit is right outside the gate and was short. The only complaint I have is that some of us were TSA pre checked and there was no pre check line. It all worked out and we were on the plane.

3 hours later landing in Ft. Lauderdale waiting for our luggage. Finally got it and then found that the line for the Park and Ride shuttle was very long. By this time it was 9:30 at night and everyone was tired and hungry. We got on the shuttle grabbed the car and headed home. Of course we had to stop to feed everyone so we didn’t get in the door till about 11:30pm.

Our trip was great and everyone had a blast. They all keep talking about it and cant wait to go back again. When the boys come back from their dads we will write a review of all the places we went and ate at.  Think of them as your personal travel review gurus.