OMG 17

Well a couple weeks ago my oldest son turned…17! I know that makes me old but I was overkevwhelmed with emotion.  One more year and he will be the definition of an adult… it will be years before he is a true adult with bills and responsibilities. But I look back to when he was a baby.  I feel like i remember every moment.  I have tried to be the most supportive parent I can be to Kevin. I have been carting him around from Swim lessons, to Boy Scouts, camping trips, school and birthday parties. I have been there for every teachers meeting, Every recognition banquet, and every band performance.

We made it thought those awkward middle school years with all the smells, and funny voices, over powering testosterone causing arguments.  I have seen him grow into the responsible successful 17 year old he is.  He is more than just my son. He is an active member in his community and school, he is not just a boy scout but and Eagle scout, he is a great big brother, a pleasure of a grandson, and a caring nephew.

Kevin is always willing to put in the effort and help out when needed. He is, I’m sure a great friend. I am proud of who he is and can not wait to see what he becomes.