Travel Day 2


Off to Foxboro we went yesterday. I have to stay I didn’t think I would be as excited as I was… I didnt think anyone would enjoy it as much as everyone did. It was a long ride with traffic but seeing that Gillette sign while driving down the road made it all worth it. It was like when your taking your kids to Universal Studios in Orlando and you take that exit and can see the park, excitement and awe. Even my Dolphins fan was excited.

We went to Patriot Hall where you can see the history of the sport and the history of the Patriots. It wasn’t bad for admission, anyone over 13 is $10 (thanks to the Craft family for making it affordable). The staff was very friendly and helpful. You start on the first third floor where you can see a collection of jerseys from famous quarterbacks no matter what the team, Special balls, gloves, jerseys, receiving gloves, cleats you name it for each important game. There is a section with all Tom Brady’s trophies, baby pictures of some of the Patriot’s family, and a movie of the history and struggle of the Patriot’s that lead to the empire it is now.

The second floor is all interactive, you can catch a pass like Gronk, kick a field goal, see how fast you can get off the ball as a lineman, call plays with Bill, even try on some uniforms. All the boys and big boy had fun. Even Kevin who has social media but hardly posts was posting the whole time we were there. Cameron was in heaven taking pics and doing every interactive he could. Then we found it.. all the trophies and rings, well minus one ring as the Hall has not gotten the last one yet. Everyone was just standing there taking it all in. Of course we joked with Jermaine about being in the presence of greatness.

Just like a Disney ride you end in the store so you can spend your money on Patriots gear. We ate some lunch at the CBS Scene restaurant which was good. No complaints but wasn’t great, I do have to say the Ahi Nachos are really good. I would recommend them every time. There are a ton of places to choose from to eat at Patriots Place but we chose there at the recommendation of foodie Tyler and for the fact we could see the stadium while we ate.

The drive home was full of traffic and we all took a nap before heading to dinner. We had reservations at the Azorean. Sitting at a big family style table where the service was excellent. I wont go into much detail as the boys will be reviewing every place we eat on our trip so stay soon. I can say its been the best place we have dined so far.

At the end of the day I looked back and could see all the boys, Jermaine, Alicia and Tyler, everyone had a great time. Day 2 is in the books and we will be starting day 3 with a drive into Boston to go to Faneuil Hall and the North End.

Stay tuned!


Travel Day 1

After being up all night doing laundry and packing as we are last minute packers we were not in the best of shape getting up at 4 am to get to the airport. We made it to the Park N’ Fly after a little detour ( I took a wrong turn). With the Economy parking at FLL gone this was our cheapest option. We used to pay $7 per day in the Economy lot now its $10 at the Park N’ Fly but it was cleaner, safer, the bus transport was nice and clean, the driver was super helpful and we got to the airport in 5 min.

We did check in and print boarding passes at home so we just needed to drop the luggage off.  Standing in a long line that we thought would take forever really took like 20 min. Not bad. While in line I received and overheard 3 comments about our family. One was a St. Thomas Aquinas football Coach that commented on how Jermaine and Cameron were definitely football players. A Spirit employee asked me if I was taking my athletic team to a game. The boys were cracking jokes on how they were the water polo team traveling.

We made it through security with only 2 of the 5 of us getting molested or as Cameron describes it “massaged”. Kevin and Ashton were TSA pre-checked so they could walk on through. After spending $50 on airport food breakfast for everyone we were ready to take off.

The flight was quick but when Spirit states no frills they aren’t kidding. Luckily the boys all got seats together and Jermaine and I had exit row seats so Jermaine could have some extra leg room that he really needed.  Besides one screaming baby the flight was good and only about 2 1/2 hrs. long.

Then onto the next adventure of getting the rental car. We had to take a bus to the rental center and walking in there was more lines. We were lucky that we rented from Dollar and there was no line. We got a mid-size SUV so all my big guys could fit. We walked out to choose one and there was only one left. Nissan Rouge, not bad.

After sitting in traffic in Revere forever and driving on what you people call highways in MA, the speed limit is only 50/55, we made it to Gloucester. By this time it had been about 3 hours since the guys ate so I had to swing into McDonald’s (Ewwww) to feed them before things went terribly bad. Then off to my Aunts house to settle in for the next few days.

Breathing the clean air with no humidity was amazing. We sat outside for hours and the boys were running around in the backyard. It was nice to sit outside and be able to breath and not sweat. Everyone napped but Ashton then we went to dinner with Alicia and Peter.

We had to expose Jermaine to some fresh fried seafood and real clam chowder. We went to Captain Carlos in Gloucester. The 5 of us shared 2 fisherman’s platters that we could not finish. (The boys will be posting a review later). After some drinks, dinner, and laughs we took Jermaine on a tour around the city pointing out the home the boys were raised as babies in, my mom and dad’s house, the typical tourist spots and the beach.

We went home and everyone was ready to chill after a long day. Pretty uneventful but we had lots of laughs traveling as a family. Next up we have a trip to Patriots Place and dinner at the Azorean!


Want to know more details about anything during our trip just leave a comment!

The Crew is Traveling

The 5 of us,  yes all 5 of us will be heading to Gloucester MA!  This is my home town, where I grew up, where all my boys were born.  We are excited! Although I go up at least once a year the boys have not been in a while and Jermaine has never been. Due to the boys getting older with Kevin graduating next year this is probably the last trip we will be taking to Gloucester all together for a while if at all. We have our days plan to hit all the spots we want to in the short 4 1/2 days we are there.

It will be Fiesta week!  So naturally we will be going to Fiesta and watching the Greasy Pole.  With this many boys we have to hit the best places for the freshest seafood. That is the part most of them are looking forward to the most. Haddock sandwiches, Fisherman platter, crab cakes, “chowda” and of course a roast beef sandwich top our list.

Of course we will hit Boston and the North End to grab some Italian pastries and show Jermaine the city. For Cameron and Jermaine the highlight, next to the food will be hitting up Patriot’s Place. As you all know its football everyday all day in this household.

We are all excited to visit with family and friends and start our summer off with this great trip.

We will be posting daily and taking a ton of pics and as always traveling with these crazy boys is always interesting and an adventure. Make sure you subscribe to get all the updates while we travel.

A little getting use to

I can say our family dynamic has changed quite a bit. When it was just me and the boys we did what we want, how we want, and when we wanted.  If we wanted to go have pancakes for breakfast we would, if we wanted to run to Walgreens at 9pm for a snack we just went, now I’m not saying we can’t now or that he wouldn’t (if you know Jermaine you know he always up for a snack hehe) but now there are other things going on.  Jermaine has to get up early and his job is quite physical so he needs to sleep to rest his body.  We are hardly ever up past 10pm and without him I would start laundry at 10pm.

The boys don’t seem to mind the small changes especially because they have benefited from him joining our family a lot.  Kevin no longer has to take out the trash, they get more snacks, they have someone to play video games with and go to the park to play basketball or Pokemon Go. I’m just boring mom that does the laundry, dishes, and writes a blog, lol. Cameron get a private football trainer and Ashton get someone who loves to listen to his crazy stories or laugh at his jokes.

Jermaine had a lot of adjusting also.  He was definitely not used to being with three teenage boys 24/7. Of course he eased into it but quickly found himself wanting them with us and asking if I knew what they were doing when they were with their day.  He volunteers to grab them from my mom when he gets home before me and takes his turn staying home with a sick kid when I have to work. He has learned to take criticism on his cooking as he has learned he can’t please all the boys with the same meal. He has also learned that they come first always and sometimes he has to sit back and wait for his time.

But I believe now we all have it down pat. Everyone is confident with their place in our new family and happy to spend the time we get with each other. We plan for the future together and its so nice having another adult the boys can talk to. I thank God everyday he has created our family and we are happy.

3, 2, 1 ,GO!

Yup you guessed it…I am addicted to Pokemon GO! I am not very good at it but I enjoy trying to catch the Pokemon. I have never played the Pokemon card game or watched the TV show but for some reason I am hooked on catching these cute critters that have even cuter names.

I took some time with the boys yesterday and walked around the park.  I was totally amazed at the amount of kids and even more amazed at the amount of adults walking around to the the PokeStops. Everyone talking to each other even though they just met. Some of them walking for quite a distance just to get to the park.

I knowScreenshot_2016-07-21-20-42-05 there is lots of negative things in the media about how dangerous this game can be. Seriously as long as you have common sense you will be fine. We all know not to climb into the animal exhibit at the zoo or trespass on private property just to “catch” a fictitious creature on our phone.

So I am obsessed and not very good at it. I just made level 5 and need to make the big decision of what team I want to join. Although the popular blue team is where I would immediately choose,  I have however heard that the real Pokemon masters choose the yellow team. I haven’t heard too much about the red team but I see so many red gyms that it makes me think they are aggressive people.

I am not sure what I will choose and I don’t care how long it takes I will catch all the Pokemon in my Pokedex

An Epic Journey

Ok so most of you also follow me on Insagram so you know I was on a roll going to the gym every day. Working hard looking all sweaty and gross. Then the worst possible thing happened… I got injured.  I was with my trainer doing these jumpy things…I know all the technical fitness lingo I have learned is showing, any way on the 7th out of 15 jumps I felt a pop in my calf and a feeling of blood pouring out of my leg. No no no I was not really bleeding that would be gross. It just felt like that. I am surprised I did not cry cause it was one of the worse pains I have ever felt.

Turns out I tore my calf muscle. I could barely walk and was in so much pain. I had to walk only in heals as it shortened my muscle and made it bearable to get to my car. And that is the way it was for a week. My trainer was so nice and checked in on me regularly.  I had to keep it up and apply ice.  My trainer, Corey, at one point asked if it had turned colors and I was like, no! 4 days later yup every color of the rainbow, well almost. I had and still have a bruise that goes from the back of my knee down past my ankle.

Swollen and bruised
Swollen and bruised

Yesterday I was finally able to wear flats and walk almost without a limp.  I went to the gym yesterday for a training session. Did some abs and upper body. I did do some walking on the treadmill but only for like 10 min as I didn’t want to over do it.  But I am working my way back to my daily workouts so look for my gym selfies daily on Instagram!

OMG 17

Well a couple weeks ago my oldest son turned…17! I know that makes me old but I was overkevwhelmed with emotion.  One more year and he will be the definition of an adult… it will be years before he is a true adult with bills and responsibilities. But I look back to when he was a baby.  I feel like i remember every moment.  I have tried to be the most supportive parent I can be to Kevin. I have been carting him around from Swim lessons, to Boy Scouts, camping trips, school and birthday parties. I have been there for every teachers meeting, Every recognition banquet, and every band performance.

We made it thought those awkward middle school years with all the smells, and funny voices, over powering testosterone causing arguments.  I have seen him grow into the responsible successful 17 year old he is.  He is more than just my son. He is an active member in his community and school, he is not just a boy scout but and Eagle scout, he is a great big brother, a pleasure of a grandson, and a caring nephew.

Kevin is always willing to put in the effort and help out when needed. He is, I’m sure a great friend. I am proud of who he is and can not wait to see what he becomes.

One More Milestone

So I purchased a new to me car!  It’s in my name and my name only.  This was the fiIMG_20160705_220804rst car I purchased by myself and the first time I ever test drove a car. The whole process was stressful and if you know me you know i would rather walk away when I get stressed so I don’t have an anxiety attack. So I had to just remind myself that I had to do this and I would feel so much better when its over.

My sales man that was very persistent in getting me down there was Josias and everyone at Miami Car Credit was so patient and nice to me. I ended up with a Camry and even though I have always loved my Tahoe and could not picture myself driving anything but an SUV I have to say I love the Camry.  I loved it even more that my payment is a little lower than I thought it would be!

So I have had it for over a week and for the first time in years went through the drive through. My Tahoe was so old and beat that the windows did not work and what led to the purchase of the Camry was the fact the A/C broke and well I live in South Florida so I had a choice to either put more money into it or get something else. I am so happy I decided to get a new car.

This is one more milestone in my new life. I know there will be many many more and I am just so happy I get to share them with all of you.


Yes, you guessed it….the journey

So I joined the gym next to my work last week. Its a Youfit and …… I love it. I did have an anxiety attack just thinking of getting started but they made me feel so comfortable.  I did my initial assessment the next day with a trainer named Corey who is by far the mIMG_20160630_075211ost amazingly friendly person ever.  I felt at ease as he showed me the machines and encouraged me to do some exercises. At first I was a little intimidated being on my own trying to follow the plan that he wrote out for me but I am getting used to it. I go every morning at 7/7:30 am, shower and walk over to work.  I have a few more training sessions with Corey who said i should meet all my goals within 8 months.

I already feel better and am counting the days till it becomes something I crave. My goals were simple. I want to be healthy, I want to lose weight, I want to run a 5K and I want to be comfortable on my cruise. Its a lifestyle I plan on keeping and I 100% committed to.

This new venture coupled with my love of Annies Buying Club, by the way I picked up a share today and have been prepping my vegetarian lunches all night. Although I don’t plan on being a vegetarian I do find that I prefer to eat a vegetarian style lunch and snacks while having my proteins in the morning and occasionally for dinner. I have not turned my food log into the trainer at the gym yet so I am sure he will tweak it to go with my workout plan so I meet my goals.

I will keep you all posted and if you follow my Instagram (lookatmy3) I have been posting almost daily with a gym pic!

Movement toward Goals

So in my quest to get in shape I have received a box of beautiful organic fruits and vegetables.  This box was filled with yummy treats!  It is from Annie’s Buying Club. They have organic and mostly locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy that you can pick up once a week. This weeks “share” included potatoes, bananas, pears ,nectarines, hass avocados, kale, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, oranges, and zucchini. They offer different size shares, some that are customization options and you can pick them up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

So I have been eating the fruit and tonight I used their Pinterest page and found a recipe for some sweet potato hash using the sweet potatoes, onion, and kale. So all cooked and prepped to eat for lunch. Can’t wait to make more healthy meals with this huge box of organics.  This particular box costs $50 and for those of you that buy organic know that this is a deal.

If your are interested click the links below to look at pics, or recipes.  Should you choose to join make sure you say your my friend on the application 🙂

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