Family Food Budget

With school summer vacation fast approaching I am preparing for the onslaught of mindless eating my 3 teenage boys will do now that they will be home all summer long. I know they will get bored and just eat everything and anything they can leaving a wake of cups and dishes in their paths. Thank God for dishwashers!.

I know once summer vacation comes my budget will double if not tripple and I have not proactively done anything about it. I am in full panic mode. Why oh why didn’t I coupon for snacks and other unhealthy prepackaged foods that will keep my 3 adorable garbage disposals mindlessly eating till I get home from work?  Now I have been scouring sights like Southern Savers and following all the deals on Sophiecoupons on Instagram trying to see what I can stock up on before June 9th.

I also find myself using my Amazon prime account to buy snacks that are good  deals and can be delivered to my door. I wish Amazon fresh was available in my are a but it is not yet. If it is available in your area and you have tried it let me know how it was.  I want to try if it comes to South Florida.


So if anyone knows of any deals at Publix in the next few weeks or sees any Amazon deals let me know. I am in full stock up mode for the summer.

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