Challenge Week 2

So all that follow know that I challenged myself and you all that are addicted to Pinterest like me to complete your pins!  I announced that I was starting with “8 Habits to Do before bed to organize a healthier lifestyle and lose weight” I did the first Habit last week which was to keep my sink clean of dirty dishes. I will continue this as I have been less overwhelmed and more likely to cook breakfast and even packing better lunches walking into the kitchen each morning with a shinny clean sink.

This week will be habit number 2 – Make sure lunches and snacks are packed. This is all about preparation for the next day and even the week. I so need this as when the boys are with me I am packing 4 lunches and snacks each morning at 5am. Also trying to get them all breakfast before leaving to drop them all off at school. Making sure snacks are all prepared and lunches prepared the night before will make this even easier and maybe I can even get an extra 30 min sleep!  I am also going to do habit 3 – Prepare ingredients for tomorrows dinner at the same time as I fell they go hand in hand.

What pin are you trying to accomplish or even just start this week?

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