Leggings make me happy!!!!

blue lulaOMG I should have put it on my dream board cause then I would be able to cross it off but I didn’t so I have to tell everyone what happened Monday…I got my first pair of LuLaRoe Leggings from a good friend that I have known for almost forever. Pamela Hill you have unleashed a beast. I have to have more!

I wanted to try these leggings but when I can go to Wal-Mart and grab a pair of leggings for $6 sometimes $3 why should I pay $25 for a pair of leggings right? Wrong! I will never buy a pair of Wal-Mart leggings again. These beautiful leggings are a far superior product and well worth every dime.

The fit is unlike anything I have every felt. And thank you to a business that gets sizes spot on. I often get leggings that are falling down at the waist cause they are so tight but loose around my ankles or I have to pull up to my chest cause they are too long. These leggings fit perfectly with a waistband that is thick, it never rolls down. With all the size options they simply fit perfectly.

The patterns are to die for. I love that they come out with new patterns every season every holiday. They aren’t all typical patterns some are so intricate you have to really look at them to see what is “hidden” in the pattern. The colors range from traditional to bright bold and even neon. For instance you will see a typical pumpkin pattern but you will also find purple jack-lanterns in different sizes on a black and orange background. They are so much fun!

The company also encourages pattern mixing for even more options and fun. The consultants are trained in this and mine is the best at it. I love that she posts outfits daily and especially like getting involved on her social media when she posts “this or that” pics of outfits.

So I am a customer for life. I love these products. If you want check them out from my friend, she is very active on social media with her business and doing fun games and giveaways, live sales and all. Just go to her Lularoe Pamela Hill page on Facebook to see what I am in love with.




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