The Importance of a Schedule

Ok so even though I am working my own ItWorks! business and do have some freedom right now I have learned the hard way that it is so so important to have a schedule. It not only makes your day go by faster but it helps accomplish everything you need to make your day successful and keep your business and goals on track.

I was not working a schedule the past few weeks and found that some days the house was like a posh bead and breakfast but my business got no attention. The other days my business was flourishing and I was helping so many people and entering so many orders but my bed wasnt even made!

So I sat down and made a schedule. One for the weeks I have the boys and another for the weeks I do not. Although it took me two days on my google calendar to make the schedule the more challenging part was following it. Now I have learned in the past that the first few weeks you would a schedule things may need to be moved around and that is the spot I am in now. I find myself not wanting to put the laundry on when my calendar alerts me or want to spend a longer time doing a particular work task. I have been moving things around.

Now next week I will have the same issue as it will be my first week working my schedule with the boys in my care. Did I leave enough time to drop them off at school? Do I want to eat breakfast before I start working? Is there enough time to edit my blog? I will have to work the schedule and see.

The most important thing is my morning and before bed routine. I leave time to get myself going (coffee) and check my calendar, the weather forecast, and my to do list early each morning. Then I allow time in the evening to pamper myself (wash up brush my teeth, put my hair up) as well as review the schedule to see if I got it all done and look at the schedule for the next day to see if I need to make any changes. These make my mornings and evenings more calm knowing what to expect and having 30 min before anyone wakes up in the morning are what sets me up to reach my daily goals.

I use my google calendar synced with my phone so it will send me a reminder and I can see my schedule on the go. We also use this as a family. All the kids activities are on it and they are invited to the activities as well as their Dad so we are all on the same page of where the kids need to be and then I make my schedule around that. Its color coded with colors specific to each kid and then colored pink for days they are with me, mom and blue for days they are with their dad. So in a glance I can see that Ashton has boy scouts on Tuesday and its Dads day.

My day may seem too planned out for you but I suggest everyone have a morning and evening routine at least. They are what saves my day most of the time.



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