The Journey

So I started my ItWorks! journey today with the cleanse. Its a 4 little 4oz bottles. You drink 2 per day for 2 days. I have seen some good results and wanted to jump start into this so I figured it was my best bet for the results I’m looking for.

You need to drink it before any food in the morning. I did, yes before my beloved coffee. Speaking of coffee your not supposed to have it during the cleanse but I’m addicted. I did only drink my small coffee I made at home, no Starbucks today for this girlie.

It tasted like a very sweet lemon lime drink. Not bad at all just not something you can drink all day but then again you don’t have to. I had it cold out the fridge. I had read its best that way.

I ate regularly during the day, I do not have bad eating habits so I chose not to change anything. I did drink a lot of water. The recommended is 8 glasses a day and I did that no problem as I do every day. I think maybe I drank water more quickly in the morning knowing I had the small coffee at home and didn’t want to ruin the results of my cleanse.

Tomorrow is cleanse day 2 and I will also be adding greens in the afternoon at work and wrapping tomorrow night! I cant wait for the results and to share the experience with you all. My journey has begun. Dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss a day of the journey.

PS – I did weigh myself and will let you know the results after each phase of the journey.




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