Travel Day 4

dairymaidSorry so late on the travel update but time got away from us. Day 4 was not very eventful. We took this day to relax and enjoy the relaxation of vacation. We woke up really late and then decided to go for a drive. Of course Kevin was there with the “Does this drive involve food?” question. To which I replied “I’m not sure..”

We hopped in the rental and drove around the back shore. The water was so nice to look at. We ended up driving through East Gloucester and then the conversation about food happened again. Cameron and Jermaine said they were not hungry but could eat, Kevin was hungry and Ashton had no desire to eat. So we ended up at Surfside Subs and the Long Beach Dairymaid. You guessed it, everyone had a sub with chips and a drink, well Ashton had a slice of pizza and a drink. And just like that we went from one hungry person to everyone eating a full meal and then getting large ice creams to end the drive.

I have to admit it was pretty nostalgic getting ice cream with my boys at the place I grew up getting ice cream all summer. We sat and ate ice cream and everyone agreed this was the best part of the trip.

Of course we went back to my Aunt and Uncles to take a nap before the evening festivities. That evening we went to my friend Errika’s mothers house for a cookout. The kids had fun walking to McDonald’s for what was supposed to be french fries but ended up being french fries, milkshakes and Slurpee drinks with Errika and Alicia’s sons. Ashton said he felt like he was on a guys nigh out as the 5 of them walked through town to get to McDonald’s.  My boys had no desire to go to Fiesta so we just enjoyed the cook out and company and went home.

I guess this was our day of relaxing as the next day we would be traveling home. And that was certainly a busy day.


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