Travel Day 3 Boston

The crew drove into Boston today. It was actually an easy drive with no traffic till we hit downtown. Found parking right in the garage next to Faneuil  Hall. The boys had fun shopping around. Playing around in stores, especially Newbury Comics. Jermaine and I took some pics in a photo booth. The boys chose to eat in the Marketplace as everyone wanted something different. Kevin ended up with Mac-n-cheese with bacon in a bread bowl, Cameron got a cheese steak sub and Ashton had Pizza as usual. Cameron loved all the food he wanted to go back through 3 more times.

After eating we walked to the North End. Jermaine loved the authentic old school Italian feel. Seeing guys out talking about the day on the street, all the Italian foods, and the highlight the “Connah Store”. We had some gelato and grabbed some Italian pastries and headed back to the car.

After over and hour in traffic to get home everyone was ready for a nap. We had about an hour before we were to go down the Bouvard in Gloucester to watch the armature round of the traditional greasy Pole.

Driving around town we finally found parking and went to watch the greasy Pole. It was won in the third round. We walked to the Fiesta and fed the boys some carnival food which they loved. Then dropped them off at Alicia’s house so the adults could have a dinner by themselves.

We went to Seaport Grill which is my go to spot every time I come home. I love the Haddock sandwich. My opinion is it’s the best in town. Jermaine had the fish tacos and was in heaven. We called it an early night after all the Boston walking and picked up the boys and headed home.

Up next is a lazy day around Gloucester. Tune in!


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