Yes, you guessed it….the journey

So I joined the gym next to my work last week. Its a Youfit and …… I love it. I did have an anxiety attack just thinking of getting started but they made me feel so comfortable.  I did my initial assessment the next day with a trainer named Corey who is by far the mIMG_20160630_075211ost amazingly friendly person ever.  I felt at ease as he showed me the machines and encouraged me to do some exercises. At first I was a little intimidated being on my own trying to follow the plan that he wrote out for me but I am getting used to it. I go every morning at 7/7:30 am, shower and walk over to work.  I have a few more training sessions with Corey who said i should meet all my goals within 8 months.

I already feel better and am counting the days till it becomes something I crave. My goals were simple. I want to be healthy, I want to lose weight, I want to run a 5K and I want to be comfortable on my cruise. Its a lifestyle I plan on keeping and I 100% committed to.

This new venture coupled with my love of Annies Buying Club, by the way I picked up a share today and have been prepping my vegetarian lunches all night. Although I don’t plan on being a vegetarian I do find that I prefer to eat a vegetarian style lunch and snacks while having my proteins in the morning and occasionally for dinner. I have not turned my food log into the trainer at the gym yet so I am sure he will tweak it to go with my workout plan so I meet my goals.

I will keep you all posted and if you follow my Instagram (lookatmy3) I have been posting almost daily with a gym pic!

The Journey Continues

20150622_072901-1So I have been doing well eating healthy and getting regular exercise.  I have been feeling better, more energy and less headaches. I can’t wait to kick it into high gear when the kids get out of school in just a few short weeks.  I know I won’t be summer beach body ready but as long as I can feel comfortable on my cruise in September I will be happy.

I have tried may diets, workouts, “lifestyles”, and the only one to really work was Quick Weight Loss .  I really don’t want to spend that kind of money on bars and pills so I’m asking for some help…..what have you tried?  What didn’t work?  and more importantly what worked?

Send me a comment, maybe I’ll give it a try.

New Goals

So if your following from my old blog you will remember I set some 2016 goals. One of them was getting healthier.  I am continuing that goal and have lost some weight but really feel a desire to kick it up a notch.  I feel really comfortable now with where my life is and want to get that happiness back from last year.  I was so happy losing weight and getting healthy.  I had so much energy and loved being outside exercising.  I was finally loving my body and looking like I wanted to in my clothes.  I need that back now. I’m ready to have that back now.

So my plan is to join a gym when the kids end school.  I will have the time to go then as the weeks that I have them I will not be rushing home to pick them up and feed them only to either rush off to an activity or get ready for bed for school the next morning.  I hope to work hard throughout the summer and feel comfortable adapting my schedule when school starts at the end of summer.

During the next few weeks before school gets out I am committing to working out at home on my own.  I also had written down a healthy eating plan that cuts out my beloved Starbucks over the next 2 weeks. Eating more frequently to keep my energy and sugar levels up will be the hardest part for me. I am usually so busy  I forget to eat or even drink my water. I know I need to change that as last year when I had all the success with getting healthy it was that consistent regimen of eating healthy on a schedule and getting my water in that really made it a success.

Although I will not share my weight with you all I will post the most recent full body pic I have and post updates with pics every 2 weeks as I need to be accountable to not only myself but to others.  The kids are supportive and I know will keep me on track, anything to be able to call me out when I am doing something wrong.