The Crew is Traveling

The 5 of us,  yes all 5 of us will be heading to Gloucester MA!  This is my home town, where I grew up, where all my boys were born.  We are excited! Although I go up at least once a year the boys have not been in a while and Jermaine has never been. Due to the boys getting older with Kevin graduating next year this is probably the last trip we will be taking to Gloucester all together for a while if at all. We have our days plan to hit all the spots we want to in the short 4 1/2 days we are there.

It will be Fiesta week!  So naturally we will be going to Fiesta and watching the Greasy Pole.  With this many boys we have to hit the best places for the freshest seafood. That is the part most of them are looking forward to the most. Haddock sandwiches, Fisherman platter, crab cakes, “chowda” and of course a roast beef sandwich top our list.

Of course we will hit Boston and the North End to grab some Italian pastries and show Jermaine the city. For Cameron and Jermaine the highlight, next to the food will be hitting up Patriot’s Place. As you all know its football everyday all day in this household.

We are all excited to visit with family and friends and start our summer off with this great trip.

We will be posting daily and taking a ton of pics and as always traveling with these crazy boys is always interesting and an adventure. Make sure you subscribe to get all the updates while we travel.

A little getting use to

I can say our family dynamic has changed quite a bit. When it was just me and the boys we did what we want, how we want, and when we wanted.  If we wanted to go have pancakes for breakfast we would, if we wanted to run to Walgreens at 9pm for a snack we just went, now I’m not saying we can’t now or that he wouldn’t (if you know Jermaine you know he always up for a snack hehe) but now there are other things going on.  Jermaine has to get up early and his job is quite physical so he needs to sleep to rest his body.  We are hardly ever up past 10pm and without him I would start laundry at 10pm.

The boys don’t seem to mind the small changes especially because they have benefited from him joining our family a lot.  Kevin no longer has to take out the trash, they get more snacks, they have someone to play video games with and go to the park to play basketball or Pokemon Go. I’m just boring mom that does the laundry, dishes, and writes a blog, lol. Cameron get a private football trainer and Ashton get someone who loves to listen to his crazy stories or laugh at his jokes.

Jermaine had a lot of adjusting also.  He was definitely not used to being with three teenage boys 24/7. Of course he eased into it but quickly found himself wanting them with us and asking if I knew what they were doing when they were with their day.  He volunteers to grab them from my mom when he gets home before me and takes his turn staying home with a sick kid when I have to work. He has learned to take criticism on his cooking as he has learned he can’t please all the boys with the same meal. He has also learned that they come first always and sometimes he has to sit back and wait for his time.

But I believe now we all have it down pat. Everyone is confident with their place in our new family and happy to spend the time we get with each other. We plan for the future together and its so nice having another adult the boys can talk to. I thank God everyday he has created our family and we are happy.

Sporty Kids

camHaving a child that some have called gifted as sports has its pitfalls.  My other 2 kids have always thought of career paths.  They have had to work hard for their grades. Kevin and Ashton have had many life experiences that have led to their decisions on what they want to be when they “grow up”.  Not that Cameron has not had just as many life experiences but his daily focus has always been football.

I think every young boy that is playing a sport has dreams of growing up and being a super star in that sport. Cameron was no different.  When I would ask Cameron what he wanted to be when he grew up he always said “I want to play in the NFL!” Later when we would ask him what his back up plan was he would politely reply “Oh the NBA.” Really!  Your backup is some peoples dreams.  I just kept thinking, how do I get this kid into reality….

It finally happened, yup it too until the end of 8th grade. Heading into high school. The high school football coach took Cameron aside during school one day and asked him what he wanted to study in college and my son actually came up with a career choice. Now don’t get me wrong, he is extremely talented when it comes to Football even dabbling in Basketball and playing varsity Lacrosse while in middle school but your child not having a grip on reality when talking about a practical future is scary.  So my son told the coach he wanted to go study sports medicine in college.

Now I have to say I am very impressed with the support system my child has at his school.  For them to take the time and not just talk about what position he wants to play in the upcoming season, or what an asset he will be to the team. They took the time to not only help him realize a great career path but also looked online at colleges that would support both his love of the game and his career choice.

Now I never put down his dreams and goals of being in the NFL.  I actually buy into that dream with him. I invest in him with time and money to get the training and go to the practices to make sure he knows I believe he can do it. But there is something calming about knowing your child has a career choice in his head that will bring him to college and beyond. Raising a sporty kid is more challenging than you would think. They need to balance their training with school and their social and family life.  They often have no time to do much besides train and play so you know they have the drive, the commitment, the will to succeed. That alone is why they will always be great at what ever they choose to do in life.