Boys Reviews

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Boy’s Restaurant review week of 6/5/16 Voting


Well due to weather and my car acting up we ended up at Wayback Burger in Coconut Creek instead of Jake’s. We had never been there before and here are the boys reviews:


Ashotn – Crispy Chicken sandwich, fries –  rating 7/10 – The buns were too small. Lots 20160528_124542 (3)of room. I liked the atmosphere.

Kevin – Rodeo Burger, fries, and cookies and cream milk shake – rating 7/10 – Burger was fine, shake was a little too think. Fries were good. It was a little too spread out inside.

Cameron – Double Bacon cheese burger, fries, cookies and cream milk shake – rating 4/10 – NO WIFI!!! Buns were not grilled, burgers needed more seasoning. Shake was watery. By the time I got to the fries my experience was ruined.20160528_125354 (4)

Mom – Double Bacon cheese burger, onion rings, coffee milk shake – rating 7/10 – Burger was good, probably the best beer battered onion-rings I have had in a long time and the coffee milkshake had an intense flavor of coffee that was great!

20160528_125346 (2)