Boys Reviews

Reviews from our Trip to Boston!

Ashton did not review this time, we substituted Jermaine!

Captain Carlo’s

Since we all wanted fried seafood we ordered 2 Fisherman’s Plates and shared them. It had shrimp, scallops, clams, fish and french fries. 

Kevin –  Decent place. I liked it because it had my favorite seafood including scallops, It was nice to sit outside by the ocean, it gives you that Gloucester fresh seafood dining feel. Rating: 4.5/5

Cameron – Food was meeeh. Cold water was a flowing. Needed some more seasoning in the batter. Overall rating 3.2/5

Jermaine – It was alright. Need more seasoning, I’m a seasoning man, I’m black. Put some seasoning salt on that fish! Rating 4/5

fried food


Kevin got the Azorean Pizza – Pretty good. Tasted like bacon and I love bacon. It was a little too loud in there. We were at a pretty big table by the door. Rating 4/5

Cameron got the Portuguese Steak and little necks – Great! My grandmother can make it better. The clams…eh, I have had better but the best of the trip. I liked the atmosphere besides Ashton yapping the whole dinner. Rating 4.3/5

Jermaine had a bunch of tapas – It was good. First time having food like this. 4/5

Azorean Tapas

CBS Scene at Patriots Place

Kevin had the Breakfast Burger – Decent for a burger. Liked it was cool and air conditioned. There was not many people so it was good. Overall 4/5

Cameron also had the breakfast burger – Best breakfast burger ever. Need better service, waited a long time for drinks. Tuna Nacho appetizer was good. 3.9/5

Jermaine also had the breakfast burger. It was good but the Tuna Nachos were the best. 4/5

Surf Side Subs

Kevin got an Italian Sub – Sub was OK place was small. Average Gloucester sub shop 3/5

Cameron got a Chicken Parm sub – Really good but make sure you save room for ice cream. 3.8/5

Jermaine got a Ham and Cheese sub – Sub was big and good. Wish they had vinegar and not just oil. 3.5/5

Long Beach Dairymaid

Kevin got a large vanilla softserve – Love that place. Just how I remembered it from being a kid. It was fun to sit in the chairs and relax eating my ice cream 5/5

Cameron  got a large chocolate soft serve with Oreo – very filling, not recommended if your going to eat near the time your getting ice cream. 4/5

Ashton got Lemon soft serve and it was the only thing he wasted to review – It was good. Hard to find lemon soft serve ice cream and its my favorite 4/5


Seaport Grill

Only Jermaine and I went to Seaport. If you know me its my favorite spot. I get the same thing almost every time which is the Haddock Sandwich. It was a 5/5 as usual. Jermaine got the shrimp tacos. His comments were “That shit was good. I like that place” he also gave it 5/5. I would never take a trip to Gloucester and not eat there.







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Well due to weather and my car acting up we ended up at Wayback Burger in Coconut Creek instead of Jake’s. We had never been there before and here are the boys reviews:


Ashotn – Crispy Chicken sandwich, fries –  rating 7/10 – The buns were too small. Lots 20160528_124542 (3)of room. I liked the atmosphere.

Kevin – Rodeo Burger, fries, and cookies and cream milk shake – rating 7/10 – Burger was fine, shake was a little too think. Fries were good. It was a little too spread out inside.

Cameron – Double Bacon cheese burger, fries, cookies and cream milk shake – rating 4/10 – NO WIFI!!! Buns were not grilled, burgers needed more seasoning. Shake was watery. By the time I got to the fries my experience was ruined.20160528_125354 (4)

Mom – Double Bacon cheese burger, onion rings, coffee milk shake – rating 7/10 – Burger was good, probably the best beer battered onion-rings I have had in a long time and the coffee milkshake had an intense flavor of coffee that was great!

20160528_125346 (2)