The Dream Board

Most of you are aware that I have been contemplating a dream board for a while now.  I bought the poster board about a month ago. It was perfect, a good size with gold glitter boarder. It made me happy but not motivated. I then made a list of what I would probably like to put on the dream board. And there it sat for another month. Just gathering dust, literally in the corner of the bedroom.

I struggled with this. Am I too old for a dream board? Is it too late to dream that big? Were my dreams silly? Where am I going to put it when its done? I just wasn’t sure. I thought some of my dreams most people would think are silly, like “Why don’t you just go out and buy that?” type of silly. And some dreams I feared were too far away from where I am right now. Sure we have income but we also have 4 boys we are raising with 2 in private school. I think teenagers are just as expensive as babies.

So I was home working as usual and had followed up with all my customers, cleaned the house, did the laundry, started dinner, and even sewed the pile of pants needing buttons and pockets fixed. I sat down and figured why not…. let me start the dream board and see if I like how its turning out. Jermaine and I had made the list together. I got my old scrap-booking stuff out and the bin of markers, sat on the floor and started adding the list in creative ways to this very sparkly poster board. I started with the things I though would be on most peoples dream boards no matter where they were at in their lives. Buying a home, paying off the cars, and vacations we would like to take.

Guess what… I loved it. Jermaine came home and I’m on the living room floor which is now covered in craft supplies, just adding things to the board. And what was even better, he loved it. He was naming more things to add. I was drawing pictures, printing and pasting pictures, using stickers, fun colored markers… it was so exciting. The more I added the more things I thought of to add.

We have everything on there from what we want our credit scores to be to household items we want to upgrade to events we want to attend. There are health dreams, dreams for the boys, dreams for our relationship, dreams for our finances, and dreams for our family. We have agreed that we will write the date across something that we accomplish with a black marker. I’m not sure if you are supposed to but our dream board focuses on the next 3 years of our lives. We figured that by then we would have even more dreams, bigger dreams and our dreams for the boys would be different due to their age. I know what your thinking, dreams should not have expiration dates, after all that’s what held me back from even starting the dream board. But it just felt like we would have different dreams as the ones on the board were accomplished.

So I have learned that its never too late to dream. No matter what your situation in life with relationships, finances, or careers dreams are what push you to the next level. Having a visual display which is hanging where all can see, is extremely motivating. Thanks to everyone that pushed me to do this. It was well worth it.


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