Results….so scared

So most of you know I started a weigh loss journey and due well life I was finding it difficult. Since refocusing I have been doing great and it helps that I now have all the tools on hand for every situation since starting my ItWorks business. Yes, I got hooked on those crazy wrap things lol.  I have been dong good with working out and staying active, drinking a ton of water and just watching what I eat and when I splurge like on movie night with the boys when we had pizza I have my fat fighters to keep me on track.

So I have been taking before and after pics or a while now and have been so scared to show my results to the world. I guess because I didn’t think they were dramatic enough. I have since realized that this is a journey and wont happen over night. As long as I keep seeing results no matter how small or results that can’t be seen but felt like more energy, more stamina during workouts,  or less cravings I will continue on my journey.

So I did the ItWorks Cleanse and lost 5 lbs. Its a 4oz drink you take twice a day for 2 days and reboots your system clearing out the toxins. This is my second time doing the cleanse and both times I lost weight and felt better. I am going to share with you my results from my first cleanse. I did this a few months ago. I hope you can see the results even though it was just a few pounds. Comments are welcome!

I will try and post my most recent cleanse next week. Next post will be a cooking video! make sure you subscribe to no miss out on anything!





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