OMG Summer is almost over

With just a few short weeks before school starts again I look back on this summer and …. ugh. It was a roller coaster of emotions, stress, laughter and bonding.

First is facing the reality that now we have three high school boys. One Senior,Kevin, one Sophomore, Cameron and my baby Ashton a freshman! In case you all didn’t know, although the boys are close in age they do not go to the same school and have not since middle school. Yes its crazy with different drop off and pick up times and different days off but they each go to a school that fits their needs and interests.

Kevin loves public school which is funny as he didn’t when we lived up north. He loved his private school up north. He chose public school because he wanted to participate in the JROTC program and it was only at the local public school. His passions are military and engineering. He chose a public middle school that was a magnet school of science and had Army JROTC. This ended up being a perfect fit. Kevin likes to fly under the radar and public schools here are big with a lot of kids. He can be low key and get the classes he wants in public school.

Cameron started at a Charter middle school/ high school. Smaller classes helped him keep on track. Cameron is very smart and gets bored and looses interest. They kept him in line and they had a sports program that had middle school football so he could play for his school instead of the city. At the time this was a good fit and he attended charter school from 6th through 9th grade. This year Cameron is making the leap to a private prep school. They offer the same smaller classes with more emphasis on his grades and college prep plus they have a beautiful campus and stellar football program. The most stressful part was he just decided 2 weeks ago to go to the prep school. We had applied to four private schools and he got in to all four. It was decision time and he chose the prep school. Going almost the entire summer not knowing where Cameron would go to school was beyond stressful.

Now Ashton goes to a private school near and dear to us. I wish I had put him in it sooner. He has been there since middle school and loves it.  Its a school for children that have high functioning special needs and with Ashton being autistic this was the perfect school for him. Ashton gets to be himself with none of the judgement he was getting in public school. They also have all the services he needs during the day. He has grown socially over the past few years even so much as to be going out for ice cream with his friends and meeting them at the park to hang out. his school loves him and it shows.

With all these schools they have payments as Cameron and Ashton go to private schools that are far from cheap. I used to think when my boys were in private school in Gloucester it was expensive but now…. wow. I had no idea the right education that fits each kids needs could cost so much. Besides the cost all the schools have different schedules. They all start at different times, get out at different times, have different days off, different spring breaks everything. We use a google calendar that is shared by Roy, Kim, Jermaine, my mother, all the kids and myself so we can coordinate the kids schedules not only for school but their extracurricular doctors appointments, everything. This is important as the boys schools are all in different cities and none have buses that we can utilize due to timing, location and cost. It literally takes more than one person on a daily basis to drop them off at school.

They say it takes a village and boy does it. My kids are blessed that they have their own little village working to meet their needs every day. With only a few weeks left of summer we are gearing up to start the craziness all over again. When the boys start school I will post up a new first day pic. Wish us luck!

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