Last First Holiday

So Jermaine and I just celebrated our last first holiday. We have officially been through every major holiday and birthday as a couple. Our one year together will be on July 21st. Due to our work schedules I think we will be celebrating with a date night.

Going through this past year with our newly formed family it has been hard but exciting. Learning how each other celebrates holidays, birthdays, accomplishments. Of course you know we went on our first family vacation and it was amazing.  It is nice to incorporated some new traditions into the traditions that the boys and I were trying to create since the divorce. It couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time as we were not set in our ways yet.

I think the biggest thing I have learned this year is patience. I learned that not everything will happen on my time especially when it comes to the boys. Jermaine has taught me to relax and let the powers that be handle it and everything will happen at the right time and it has. When looking for a new place we were looking for months, I was looking before my lease was up at my first apartment. I was so disappointed and wanted to give up as we were not having good luck then we found a place that is perfect for us at this point in our life.

I remember the first time Jermaine said he loved me.. .yes he said it first. He was leaving my house and it came out of his mouth. I didn’t respond and thought we would just let it go unmentioned but no, he brought it up the next time we talked. I thought it was too soon but felt the same way. We also waited for him to meet the kids till we were all ready for that step. We let the kids take the lead on how often Jermaine came over or what he did with us. Of course he wanted to be there all the time and involved in everything but we had to be patient and let the kids map that course.

Whether it be with my job, his job, the kids, our families, the house, co parenting, anything Jermaine has been my rock when it comes to me freaking out due to things not going as I have them planned in my head. And I have learned and I am still learning that as long as everything is progressing and moving forward then the pace does not matter.

Now its time to set our traditions as we work our way through another year of holidays and new events like Kevin graduating this year, Ashton starting high school, and Cameron getting his licence. All I know is no matter what my rock will be by my side to make sure everything goes smoothly.



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