3, 2, 1 ,GO!

Yup you guessed it…I am addicted to Pokemon GO! I am not very good at it but I enjoy trying to catch the Pokemon. I have never played the Pokemon card game or watched the TV show but for some reason I am hooked on catching these cute critters that have even cuter names.

I took some time with the boys yesterday and walked around the park.  I was totally amazed at the amount of kids and even more amazed at the amount of adults walking around to the the PokeStops. Everyone talking to each other even though they just met. Some of them walking for quite a distance just to get to the park.

I knowScreenshot_2016-07-21-20-42-05 there is lots of negative things in the media about how dangerous this game can be. Seriously as long as you have common sense you will be fine. We all know not to climb into the animal exhibit at the zoo or trespass on private property just to “catch” a fictitious creature on our phone.

So I am obsessed and not very good at it. I just made level 5 and need to make the big decision of what team I want to join. Although the popular blue team is where I would immediately choose,  I have however heard that the real Pokemon masters choose the yellow team. I haven’t heard too much about the red team but I see so many red gyms that it makes me think they are aggressive people.

I am not sure what I will choose and I don’t care how long it takes I will catch all the Pokemon in my Pokedex

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